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Friday, January 17, 2020 will be "Asher Strong Day" in the district.  Students, Faculty and Staff who purchase the Asher Strong shirt will be permitted to wear it (without a collar) on the 17th.

Please make your classes aware of the date!

Ash19    AshShr19

Order your Asher Strong shirt today. 

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Building points of contact:
Thank You to all those who volunteered.

 Central Office - Tracy Varvaglione and Carol Cardoni

High School - Christine Sickler/Mike Chmiola/Student Council
                  (Use the HS Student Council form askeing grade/ building info)

Middle School - Mrs. Petrone/Social Studies Department 

Chester - Karen Sebolka

Dana - Maylan Nicholson and Melissa Budd

Schuyler - Sara McGrath and Nicole Rossick

State - Christine Wine (k-2); Mrs. Yeninas (3-5) and Maureen Boich (Office &Staff)

Third - Stephanie Gover




Faculty and Staff…

You may be aware that Asher Dicton, a second grade student at Chester Elementary School, is experiencing some very serious health issues. Asher is currently undergoing treatment at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and is facing extended treatment for his health issues. Asher’s parents, Anthony and Rebecca Dicton, are both high school teachers in our district.

Asher and his family have a long road ahead of them. As anyone who has been through a serious illness with out-of-town medical care knows, there are many expenses in addition to those that are covered by medical insurance that will be incurred during his treatment period.

Because the Dictons are members of our district family with friends and family at elementary, middle, and high school levels, many of you have already asked if we can coordinate a district-wide fundraising effort to help the family with the expenses, and so we are starting a campaign that can be available in each building to all those who would like to help.

We ask each school to have at least one designated point of contact who can facilitate the ordering of T-shirts to help support Asher.  “ASHER STRONG” burgundy and gold T-shirts and long sleeve T-shirts, can be ordered at a cost of $10 for short sleeve and $15 for long sleeve each, although whatever monetary donation an individual wishes to give above that amount will be accepted.  The proceeds will go to the Dicton family to help defray the cost of gas, lodging, meals, and other uncovered expenses.  Any remaining monies will go to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), at the Dictons’ request.

We will also allow students to purchase and wear the shirts on the designated day.  The Chester St. PTO has volunteered to facilitate the fundraiser, and the MS and HS Student Councils will help as well.

Order forms with shirt sizes will be sent to each building in the next day or two.  We request that each staff member receive an order form and that the forms are sent home with the elementary students.  Sizes will range from Youth Small to Adult 5X, both long sleeve and short sleeve.

We would like to designate Wednesday, December 18 (tentative depending on printing and delivery) as the “ASHER STRONG DAY” and all faculty, staff and students are encouraged to wear the shirt on that day to show support for Asher Dicton.

Thank you for your support and consideration of the “ASHER STRONG” fundraiser. Please contact Dave Tosh at with any questions regarding this endeavor.