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A.R.M.O.R. Student "Shout Out"


ARMOR is State Street’s School Wide Positive Behavioral  Interventions & Supports (PBIS) Team. Students at State Street know that ARMOR stands for 

Attention, Responsibility, Motivation, Organization & Respect. State Street is proud to “Shout Out” the following students for “wearing their ARMOR every day” and tackling on-line learning packet work, and the hybrid mode of instruction -- all while displaying the traits of ARMOR. It is no easy task during this pandemic! Congratulations to the students and their families! WE ARE PROUD OF YOU!

Students recognized for the first half of the year: 

John Aument

Kevin Aument

Izayah Beals

Shy’anne Bumpers

Caitriona Branas

Avery Brennan

Addyson Cardillo

Ally Cardillo

Gabriel Cary

Brayden Clark

Odin Clark

Hope Comas

Alexis Dixon

Lilly Eckstein

Lana Eiden

Daniella Gadomski

Harper Gadomski

Natalie Geffert

Gaberiel Golden

John Gould

Jacoby Green

Antonia Gregorwicz


Bella Gwynn

Liam Jackson

Carmelo Jiminez

Thomas Johnston

Ryan Jumper

Savannah Kaminski

Dawn Katchko

Joshua Kioske

Rylee Kocher

Adalynn Knox

Owen Krasavage

Rylee Labarr

Lavina Lang

Vincent Lammey

Briana Lora

John Lyons

Alyrah McKay

Devin Messersmith

Anthony Monroe

Bethany Mulcahy

Ava Mullery

Ivy O’Boyle

Sebastian Ogrodnick

Samuel O’Kane

Zaniel Rodriguez

Stashia Russell

Audrey Schattenberg

Jackson Sheridan

Jenna Shoemaker

Joseph Sibley

Bethany Sienkiewicz

Eli Sienkiewicz

Jesse Skursky

Jayce Souder

Andrew Stinson

Matthew Tatarynw

Damian Taylor

Lucas Thomas

Scarlet Warner

Lillian Webb

Mya Welch

Ripley Wygant